Hasiru Farms

Discover Mango Dew Your Own Retreat

Experience the tranquility of nature with the elegance of Asian-themed farmlands and Immerse yourself in sustainability amidst lush mango plantations.

What makes it different

Seamless Blend of Amenities and Sustainability

Mango Dew, an epitome of premium living amidst nature. Spanning across 3.5 acres, it is adorned with 200 high-yielding mango plantations that contribute to its lush greenery. The project encompasses 10,500 square feet cottages, and an array of 10+ amenities, promising a life that harmonizes with the rhythm of nature.

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Imagine a life where the luscious scent of mango blossoms drifts through the air, and beautiful cottages stand amidst thriving mango plantations. It’s more than just farmland; it’s a lifestyle—a haven where tranquility and opulence coexist in harmony, inviting you to embrace a life of peaceful grandeur.

Hasiru Farms

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