Hasiru Farms

Our Earthly Commitment

Dedicated to develop barren lands to greener future!

What makes us to do what we do


Our mission stands unwavering - empowering each investor to nurture lasting prosperity through shrewd farmland investments at the heart of Karnataka. We're unwaveringly dedicated to transforming agriculture into a remarkably rewarding venture for all, ushering in a prosperous and sustainable era.


Hasiru Farms envisions a future where farmland investments are accessible, profitable, and contribute to a greener planet. We aim to create a community of environmentally-conscious investors.

Meet our true hasiru farmers

The core architects of sustainable growth and agricultural brilliance at Hasiru Farms.

M S Akshar, our steadfast Managing Director, is the linchpin of our enterprise. With a profound passion for farming and technology, he embodies the essence of strategic agro-entrepreneurship. His direction propels us towards a future where agriculture and technology converge seamlessly. Under his guidance, we’re not just farming; we’re shaping a sustainable and technologically empowered future for agriculture. 

M S Akshar
Managing director

Sushmitha Raju serves as our Head of Operations and HR, ensuring the seamless functioning of our organization. Her responsibilities span across operational excellence and human resource management, optimizing our internal processes and fostering a productive work environment.

Sushmitha Raju
Head of Operations and HR

Shaik Salman, our dedicated Agronomist, embodies a blend of precision and passion. Armed with a spectrum of skills ranging from adept team management to sharp decision-making, he orchestrates our agricultural endeavors with finesse. With a rich educational background in Agriculture and a track record of success in business development, Shaik Salman is an indispensable pillar of our agricultural innovation.

Shaik Salman

Rajeshwari M is our dedicated Customer Relationship Manager, specializing in establishing and nurturing robust connections. Her focus is on comprehending and addressing your requirements, building trust, and providing outstanding service. Your satisfaction and success are her top priorities.

Rajeshwari M
Customer relationship manager

Spoorthy, our pre-sales and support specialist, is the bridge between our offerings and your needs. Her role involves understanding your requirements, offering pre-sales assistance, and providing support during your journey with us.

Spoorthy v c
Pre-sales and Support

join our team

Join our team at Hasiru Farms and be part of a community dedicated to sustainable agriculture. We offer a range of career opportunities for individuals passionate about farming, technology, and creating a positive impact. At Hasiru Farms, you can grow your career while contributing to the growth of a greener, more sustainable future. Explore our current job openings and become a valuable member of our team today.

– Proven experience in managing social media platforms.
– Strong knowledge of social media trends and tools.
– Excellent communication and content creation skills.
– Ability to analyze data and measure the success of campaigns.
– Familiarity with agriculture and environmental sustainability is a plus.


– Develop and implement social media strategies.
– Create and curate engaging content for various platforms.
– Monitor social media accounts, respond to inquiries, and manage interactions.
– Analyze social media data to measure the success of campaigns.
– Stay up to date with industry trends and new platforms.

Deliverables / Job Description:
The Social Media Manager will be responsible for creating and executing our social media strategies. They will curate and create content, engage with our audience, and analyze data to

– Proven experience in sales and a track record of meeting or exceeding targets.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
– Knowledge of agriculture and farmland investments is a plus.
– Ability to build and maintain strong client relationships.

– Generate leads and identify potential clients interested in farmland investments.
– Present our investment opportunities and provide information to clients.
– Close deals and meet sales targets.
– Maintain relationships with clients to ensure satisfaction.

Deliverables / Job Description:
The Sales Executive will play a pivotal role in expanding our investor base. They will be responsible for identifying potential clients, presenting investment opportunities, and closing deals. The role is integral in promoting sustainable farming and green investments.

– Proven experience in business development or a related field.
– Strong networking and negotiation skills.
– Knowledge of farmland investments and agricultural industry trends.
– Ability to develop and implement growth strategies.

– Identify new business opportunities and partnerships.
– Develop and execute strategies to grow the business.
– Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders.
– Stay informed about industry trends and competitors.

Deliverables / Job Description:
The Business Development Manager will be responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities. They will play a critical role in our growth by developing strategies, establishing partnerships, and maintaining key relationships. This position is integral to furthering our mission of sustainable farming and green investments.

– Proven experience in project management.
– Strong organizational and leadership skills.
– Knowledge of agriculture and environmental sustainability is a plus.
– Ability to plan, execute, and oversee projects from start to finish.

– Plan and execute projects to meet goals and objectives.
– Lead project teams and ensure they stay on track.
– Monitor project progress, resolve issues, and report on results.
– Ensure projects are completed within scope and on time.

Deliverables / Job Description:
The Project Manager will be responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing various projects related to sustainable farming and green investments. They will lead project teams, ensure goals are met, and report on project progress, contributing to our commitment to a greener future.

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