Hasiru Farms

Our Earthly Commitment

Dedicated to develop barren lands to greener future!

What makes us to do what we do


Our mission stands unwavering - empowering each investor to nurture lasting prosperity through shrewd farmland investments at the heart of Karnataka. We're unwaveringly dedicated to transforming agriculture into a remarkably rewarding venture for all, ushering in a prosperous and sustainable era.


Hasiru Farms envisions a future where farmland investments are accessible, profitable, and contribute to a greener planet. We aim to create a community of environmentally-conscious investors.

Meet our Leadership TEAM

The core architects of sustainable growth and agricultural brilliance at Hasiru Farms.

M S Akshar, our steadfast Managing Director, is the linchpin of our enterprise. With a profound passion for farming and technology, he embodies the essence of strategic agro-entrepreneurship. His direction propels us towards a future where agriculture and technology converge seamlessly. Under his guidance, we’re not just farming; we’re shaping a sustainable and technologically empowered future for agriculture. 

M S Akshar
Managing director
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