Hasiru Farms

Village Awaits you

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

Embark on a journey from city chaos to the peaceful embrace of a village. Experience the best of both worlds as you enjoy the calmness of rural life infused with the modern comforts you love. Our village getaway is more than a break—it’s a perfect blend of peace and convenience, ready for you to embrace.

Hasiru farms prakruthi

In the heart of urban life lies Prakruthi

This 33-acre expanse echoes a time where community and nature flourished together, inviting you to rediscover the tranquil essence of a bygone era. At Prakruthi Farms, we blend the nostalgia of ancient traditions with the promise of sustainable living. With clear titles, abundant amenities, and a promise of organic growth, Prakruthi beckons those seeking a harmonious blend of history and future. Explore managed farmland near Bangalore and seize farmland investment opportunities in Kanakapura, embracing sustainable farming practices that promise managed farmland returns and benefits.


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At Prakruthi, we believe in bridging the urban-rural divide, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey into a world where modern comforts harmonize with timeless traditions. Embrace the village lifestyle and cultivate your dreams amidst nature’s embrace.


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Take the First Step Towards Nature's Embrace

Seize the opportunity to reconnect with your roots at Prakruthi and nurture a greener tomorrow.

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