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Theme Based Farmland | Clear Titles | Weekend Home

Theme Based Farmland | Clear Titles | Weekend Home

Reminisce the village lifestyle at Hasiru Farms

Hasiru Farms

Begin The New Journey of Your Life

By purchasing managed farmland from Hasiru Farms, you ensure that future generations will be able to reap the benefits of environmental benefits, social fairness, and financial stability. Our objective is to give people in the farming community more possibilities for growth so that everyone can live a better, more rewarding life based on trust, collaboration, and love.

Our Projects

Connecting Urban To Village Lifestyle

Hasiru farms Prakruthi

Prakruthi is a village themed farmland project, where it creates an ambience of our lost village culture to connect you back to our roots.


Joy Of Bringing Families Together

Hasiru farms Parivar

Parivar has developed a one-of-a-kind concept that combines luxury living with integrated agricultural land management.

Luxury Farm Living

Hasiru farms Mango Dew

Mango Dew is a premium farmland project with a Asian-style theme that uses 80% percent sustainable materials


We are dedicated

We Are Unique

Hasiru Farms is committed to using sustainable, precision farming to make a good impact on the environment. We use innovative agricultural practices to enrich the soil with natural fertilisers such as compost and manure, which helps to protect the flora that live in and around crops. We also make certain that no dangerous residues from seeds, other chemicals, or genetically modified plants remain

Smarter returns

Economic Advantage

The new generation of investors is looking for more intelligent and diverse ways to secure higher returns and land value growth. Since interest rates have fallen precipitously in recent years. Farmland has become the new gold. Currently, investors are looking at farmland as a long-term investment opportunity. Hasiru Farms offers a variety of investment opportunities in all of our current and upcoming projects


Theme Based Farmland

Harvesting Happiness

Weekend Home Concept


Investment Opportunity

Lush Green Gated Community

About Us

Own  a piece of managed farmland by Hasiru Farms and enjoy the promise of a blossoming life for generations to come. The perfect place where you can enjoy all the benefits that nature has to offer along with investment opportunities

Need Help?


We are always glad to assist you. Please don't hesitate to contact us. Imagine living your life surrounded by nature. Hasiru Farm is a farm community that gives you and your family an opportunity to own your farm house.

Plot sizes starts from 5500 sft and also available in ¼ acre (11000 sft), ½ acre (22000 sft) and 1 acre (44000 sft) plots.

Kindly call us for the price details.

Price is slightly negotiable based on payment schedule and/or for bulk purchase of ½ acre or more.

We offer Easy EMI options depending on what project you choose.

YES, this is one of the biggest benefits of investing here as Karnataka is one of the few states in India that allows non-farmers to purchase agricultural land.

YES, we are open and available on weekends and public holidays as well. Please call Project In-Charge @ +91 8217564605 to cross check on timings / availability on such days.

YES, you can build a farmhouse in Agriculture land. You need to get local Panchayat / Tahsildar approval. The Hasiru farms team will assist you further

YES, we will be happy to provide references on request.

Since this is purely agricultural land, no approval is required or granted.

Quoted price is for plot cost and amenities and does NOT include house.

Come Fall in Love with Farm Life

Hasiru Farms is a farm community that gives you and your family an opportunity to own your farm house

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